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Gender in Decision Making and Negotiation Seminar


Barbara Annis, Barbara Annis & Associates Inc.
Barbara Annis is a recognized leading expert in Inclusive Leadership and Gender Initiatives.  Barbara and her associates are dedicated to removing organizational and leadership barriers by bringing the latest research and thinking on Leadership, Gender Diversity and Inclusiveness into the workplace, so that organizations can turn gender diversity into a powerful technology of success.

The White House Project - Go Run

The White House Project - Go Run Women's Leadership Training.

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More women in finance, a more sustainable economy

As has been pointed out with increasing frequency, a certain group think has been widely blamed for the economic crisis we find ourselves in today. Studies indicate that women are more comprehensive thinkers and less attracted to excessive risk than are their male peers.


Gender Action Plan: Bringing the Private Sector on Board

World Bank Managing Director Ngozi N. Okonjo-Iweala formally launched a Private Sector Leaders Forum (PSLF) with IFC Executive Vice President Lars Thunell and World Bank Vice President Danny Laipziger at the World Economic Forum January 2009 summit in Davos, Switzerland. This innovative public-private partnership is the latest initiative of Gender Equality as Smart Economics, the World Bank Group’s Gender Action Plan (GAP).


Women in Management, A Global Comparison


Goal of New Index Series is to Advance Gender Equality

Pax World and KLD launch an index series sponsored by the international Finance Corporation to increase gender empowerment. The objective in five indices in the IF Gender Index series is to increase interest among corporations and investors in gender empowerment.


Women Promoters Beat Big Daddies

According to a Sunday ET study, nine listed companies managed by prominent women promoters fared better than the top 30 firms listed in the Bombay Stock exchange in year-on-year growth rates for the last five years.


Advancing Women in the Global Marketplace

This report stems from Advancing Women in the Global Marketplace, a meeting and consultation which explored the role of business in improving the status of women around the world. The event and workshop brought together representatives of business, civil society, academia, labor, governments, and the UN to develop a more coherent vision of the many ways in which business can help to empower women and advance gender equality.


UN Global and UNIFEM Consider International Application of The Calvert Women’s Principles

The Calvert Women’s Principles (CWP) were a focal point of a forum convened by the United Nations Global Compact and the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), entitled Advancing Women in the Global Marktplace.


Planning for Tomorrow’s Boardroom: Making Room for More Women

A consistent pattern shown by these data is that larger companies are more likely than smaller companies to have one or more women on their boards of directors, a fact that has been documented by all ION members every year.

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