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Sex Matters: Gender Differences in the Mutual Fund Industry

This paper shows that gender differences exist among mutual fund managers. We find that female managers are more risk averse, follow less extreme and more consistent investment styles and trade less than male managers.


IRS: 2004 Personal Wealth Portfolios

In each wealth and age class, male top wealth holders had a higher ratio of debts to assets than female top wealth holders.


Relative Status Regulates Risky Decision Making about Resources in Men


Women In Business: The Double Edge Sword Of Aggression

Negotiating the expectations of social norms in the business world. In this episode of The Massachusetts School of Law's Educational Forum entitled, Successful Women In The Corporate And Business Worlds, Professor of Law Connie Rudnick interviews Dr. Nan S. Langowitz, Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship at Babson, Deborah DiSanzo, CEO of Healthcare Informatics for Phillips Healthcare, Shirley Singleton, CEO of Edgewater Technology and Dr. Radha Jalan, CEO of ElectroChem Inc.

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