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30 Leaders Who Are Changing the Way the World Looks at Women

On our 30th Anniversary we are recognizing 30 stellar women from diverse corners of our broad network who through their efforts have advanced women’s issues, promoted women’s leadership and changed the way the world views women and girls. All have been nominated by their peers for their outstanding work.

Remembering the Women During Black History Month

Selection of posts from the Business and Professional Women’s Foundation Young Women Misbehavin blog.



Women in Science: Degrees and Faculty in Natural & Applied Sciences

 n all scientific fields of study except biological sciences men continue to outnumber women. The fields of physical sciences and computer sciences and engineering show the highest gender disparity. Why does this underrepresentation matter?

Fewer female graduates in scientific higher education translate into fewer women working in scientific research and occupations. For example, at Rutgers, women are only 19.5 percent of tenured and tenure-track science faculty.


Facts on Women Officeholders, Candidates and Voters

 CAWP offers fact sheets, graphics, research reports, and other information organized both by topic and by level of office. Additional research can be found in our Research & Scholarship section. Includes current numbers of women in elective office, data and analysis for current and past races with women candidates, by election year, data and analysis of women's voting behavior, facts, research, and resources for and about women of color in elective office, state-by-state fact sheets, firsts for women in U.S. politics, etc.

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