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Originally posted by Ruth Schechter on June 14, 2010 on Gender News, from the Clayman Institute for Gender Research

While the power of activism is crucial to “make injustice visible,” for Anne Firth Murray, it’s the small steps and personal actions that will bring about social change.

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Girls Inc Scholars Take It to the White House

By Kyla Bender-Baird

I have to admit, when I was a kid, I was convinced that I would be the first woman President of the United States.  Eventually, I abandoned that career goal but to this day am still a bit of a politics nerd.  Well, it's nice to see that the next generation of girl leaders are getting a jumpstart on civic engagement thanks to Girls IncEarlier this month, four Girls Inc National Scholars met with the First Lady's staff to discuss barriers to physical activities for girls across the U.S. Click here to view videos of the girls talking about this amazing experience.

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Microphones for Justice: Mother’s Day Delegation Tackles Anti-Immigration Legislation

By Sarah Gold*

A Mother’s Day Delegation of feminists and labor activists from around the country convened in Arizona a few weeks ago to document the impact of the recently-passed SB 1070 legislation and existing policies, such as 287(g) on women and children. In a climate already steeped with anti-immigrant sentiment, these pieces of legislation authorize violence against women and children, ruthlessly separating family members and criminalizing mothers who came to the United States simply to support their children.

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Charlotte Bunch Tribute to Rhonda Copelon

In today's WMC Exclusive, "An Architect of Feminist Human Rights Law," human rights leader and feminist foremother Charlotte Bunch offers a tribute to Rhonda Copelon, who had a profound impact femininst human rights law.  Says Bunch,

Feminist and human rights lawyer Rhonda Copelon often worked behind the scenes, but her finger prints, or perhaps I should say brain waves, are all over many of the most important breakthroughs in progressive feminist advances both in the United States and globally...Feminist scholar Ros Petchesky called Rhonda her “model of a life fully realized.” Even more than her brilliance, Ros cited her friend’s “practice of a truly feminist humanity in the everyday—her devotion to younger generations, her fierce and loving presence for her many friends; and her passionate embrace of both politics and fun.”

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Application for the Next Generation of Women Leaders in the Nonprofit Sector




Women Can Change the World

UMASS Boston - Vermont Governor (1985-1991) & U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland (1996-1999) Madeleine Kunin speaking about the capacity of women to effect change.

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