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Title IX and other equal opportunity legislation and affirmative action policies continue to have a significant impact on bringing more diverse women into STEM fields. Title IX, by mandating equal access to educational opportunities and protecting women and girls from discrimination and sexual harassment, strengthens diversity efforts in STEM fields. Support for Title IX, and other legal instruments, is critical for bringing about needed institutional and policy changes. The American Association of University Women recommends government agencies such as NASA, the Department of Defense and Department of Education be required to conduct Title IX compliance reviews, ensuring that part of their funding is invested in updating and improving STEM programs. Encouraging equal opportunities is necessary to ensure that women are able to pursue science and math trajectories in business, industry, health and other relevant fields.

Intellectual Property and Women Entrepreneurs

 The number of women awarded patents has soared over the last several decades far beyond previously reported figures, and the percentage of trademarks granted to women has more than doubled, a new study commissioned by the National Women’s Business Council found.

The study found that women had a higher representation among trademark holders than patent owners; in 2010, 18 percent of all patents granted went to women while 33 percent of all trademarks granted to individuals and sole proprietorships went to women.


The Obama Administration

As President Obama and his team lead the nation, AAUW continues to be at the forefront of changes taking place in Washington, D.C. and beyond. On this page, you can read documents AAUW has submitted to the administration, learn more about the members of the president's cabinet, and find additional helpful resources.

From the presidential transition period to present-day, AAUW has been constantly looking for ways to move our priority issues forward. In fact, AAUW has been working closely with the president's team to ensure that breaking through educational and economic barriers for women is on top of the executive branch's agenda. Below are the latest documents AAUW has crafted in response to administration policies, as well as the initial documents AAUW submitted to the presidential transition team, which highlight our federal policy priorities and goals that we have been pursuing since President Obama took office.




July 27, 2009 posted by Kyla Bender-Baird

As I began collecting background research for National Parent’s Day and the vast diversity of families in the United States, I kept running across amazing articles and resources–too many to use for just one post. So here you are: a round-up of interesting programs, articles, and very cool maps–all in the interest of reclaiming National Parent’s Day. 

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