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Sexuality and gender are a major focus of NCRW member center research, policy and advocacy efforts. Increasing support for LGBT rights, both nationally and internationally, is an outgrowth of such research and public awareness campaigns. Our network recognizes the complexity of human sexuality and how gender roles can be stereotyped and narrowly defined by society. There are important sexuality and gender dimensions to policymaking and legal rights, including those related to marriage, the custodial rights of unmarried single parents and same-sex couples, and anti-discrimination employment and housing laws. Our member centers are examining gender identity and the ever-evolving perceptions of masculinity and femininity in popular culture and politics.

Happy Pride Month!

By Kyla Bender-Baird

Every year, LGBT folk around the world come together to celebrate their queerness for Pride month--June.  Along with the parties, festivals, parades, and even an occasional social justice march, Pride offers our community an opportunity to reevaluate where we are headed as movement (or even question whether there is one movement or several).  Late last week, President Obama issued his annual Proclamation for LGBT Pride month.  In it he says,

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Voices of Asian American LGBT Immigrants in Immigration Reform

By Tunisia L. Riley*

Assembled together on a cold New York day I sat in a room overlooking the frigid Manhattan skyline. Yet, while New York City (even in the summer time) is cold to me, to others who have been ostracized by their native countries and families for their sexual orientation, New York City can become home, and a safe haven.

On May 11, 2010, I sat in on a Press Conference for “The Voices of Asian American LGBT Immigrants in Immigration Reform.” The event was sponsored by a collective of organizations under the umbrella of The National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA) Speakers were presently and formerly undocumented, Asian and Pacific Islanders of the LGBTQ Community who found solace in the United States but more specifically New York City.

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CSWS Noon Talk: Literary Privacy and Feminist Politics


Bryna Tuft, East Asian Languages and Literatures (graduate student and GTF), “A Fine and Private Place: Literary Privacy and Feminist Politics of the Self in the Works of the Avant-Garde Women Writers.”

Susan Stryker on Christine Jorgensen

The Newcomb Center for Research on Women recently hosted renowned historian and trans scholar Susan Stryker, who delivered a lecture on Christine Jorgensen--one of the more famous historical transwomen in the U.S. To hear Stryker's lecture, "Christine Jorgensen: Transsexuality and Transnational Media Spectacle in the 1950s and 1960s" click here.

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Historic Meeting of Survivor-Activists on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

On March 11-12, 2010, the Ms. Foundation for Women had the honor of convening an inspiring meeting on survivor-led activism on child sexual abuse prevention. In what was one of the first times survivors have been brought together to discuss child sexual abuse prevention in a social justice context, twelve activists discussed successes, challenges, and historic moments in their field. They established exciting shared visions and first steps for realizing them in this growing social justice movement.

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Sex, Sports and Ethics Roundtable


Panelists include: Ara Wilson (Associate Professor in Women's Studies and Director of the program in the study of sexualities), Robyn Wiegman (Professor, Women's Studies and Literature), and Doriane Coleman (Duke Law School).

Location: Breedlove Room
Sponsored by the Kenan Institute and the Program in the Study of Sexualities.
*Refreshments will be served.
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