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Many of the health challenges faced by women are a result of insufficient access to basic prevention information, health services and insurance coverage. In the pharmaceutical and health industries, the gender dimensions of diseases and treatments are often overlooked in setting research priorities and developing new products. The availability and quality of health care may vary according to race, income, ability, geographic location or immigration status. In the U.S., finding affordable health insurance is particularly challenging for women, who often pay higher premiums than men. Many insurance companies fail to cover or provide adequate maternity care or essential reproductive health services. Additionally, women experience more part-time and interrupted jobs and careers due to caregiving and family responsibilities and require portable health plans that provide stable coverage.

Leith Mullings: Race and Stratified Reproduction

An excerpt from "ART: Where are we Now?," a panel discussion at the 2009 Scholar & Feminist Conference, "The Politics of Reproduction: New Technologies of Life," held on February 28, 2009 at Barnard College.
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2010 - Seven Who Rewrite the Rules


Monday, January 4, 2010

Profiles of seven outstanding leaders dedicated to improving women's lives: Michael Dowd, Patricia Gruber, Ilene Lang, Ana Langer, Tonya Lewis Lee, Sarwat Malik and Maria Do Socorro Melo Brandao.


Michael G. Dowd, Defender of Women with Charges

Michael G. Dowd

The Democrats’ Dilemma: Their Own Trojan Horse Kicks Free

Posted November 13, 2009 by admin

Originally posted By Gloria Feldt* on November 12, 2009 as a WMC Exclusive

Democratic leaders have said that the turn-around on abortion contained in the House health-reform bill will not appear in the final version. The author, a Women’s Media Center board member and former president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, explains here why voters who value women’s health cannot sit back and accept such assurances.

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The House Affordable Health Care Act Passes At a Steep Price for Women’s Reproductive Health

November 12, 2009 posted by admin

Last Saturday, the House passed the historic Affordable Health Care Act (HR 3962), but it came at a steep price for women's reproductive rights, as the Stupak-Pitts Amendment was tacked on -- greatly restricting health insurance options for women.

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Reinvesting in Women and Families: Developing an Economy for the Future (Summit October 2010)

Economic Security Summit
October 8, 2010

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Intimate Partner Violence: High Cost to Households and Communities, 2009


Trade Liberalization, Women’s Reprodutive Health: Linkages and Pathways, 2009


Increase Funding for the Title X Family Planning Program, Help Low Income Women Access Quality, Affordable Family Planning Services and Other Preventive Health Care, 2009

Increase Funding for the Title X Family Planning Program, Help Low Income Women Access Quality, Affordable Family Planning Services and Other Preventive Health Care, 2009


NWLC Media Toolkit

The fight for progressive health care reform is currently at a crossroads of major consequence at both the state and national levels, and addressing the barriers to women's health care access is more important than ever before. In order to ensure that women are active and vocal advocates in this fight, the National Women's Law Center has launched Reform Matters: Making Real Progress for Women and Health Care.

NWLC's efforts include: a Reform Matters Toolkit, a Reform Matters Conference Call Series, technical and informational assistance, the National Women and Health Care Coalition, and Health Care for America Now. http://nwlc.org/reformmatters/about.html September, 2009

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