Population & Reproductive Rights

Reproductive rights are the cornerstone of women’s health and independence. These include the right to voluntary marriage; the right to determine the timing, number and spacing of children; and freedom from sexual violence and coercion. Women in the U.S. and around the world encounter numerous obstacles to making fully informed reproductive choices, including lack of information and access to comprehensive services, prohibitive costs, cultural and societal taboos and customs, and poorly trained or ideologically compromised healthcare providers. Many of our member centers are conducting research, disseminating information and raising awareness about women’s health and health policy issues.

State Legislative Roundup for 2011

This brief provides an overview of state-level legislative wins and losses in three main areas—economic security, immigration reform, and reproductive rights—and highlights what they mean for women of color, their families, and communities.

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Reproductive Justice in Action Volume 6

 Reproductive justice is an inclusive framework for thinking about reproductive freedoms, holistic well-being and comprehensive justice. Organizing for reproductive justice encompasses a multiplicity of issues; the individuals and networks working in this model are just as diverse in their missions, constituencies, and methods of action. Reproductive Justice in Action is the result of a collaboration between the Barnard Center for Research on Women, Groundswell’s Catalyst Fund, the New York Women’s Foundation and seventeen of their grantee partners doing reproductive justice work in New York City. Seeking to explore the ways in which these seventeen organizations think about their mission and work, we jointly embarked on a participatory action research project in order to better understand how the organizations relate to (or feel limited by) the model and language of reproductive justice.


New Fall/Spring 2011 S&F: Critical Conceptions: Technology, Justice, and the Global Reproductive Market

 This issue of The Scholar & Feminist Online, edited by Rebecca Jordan-Young, brings together some of the most esteemed scholars whose works tie analyses of reproductive technologies to frameworks of reproductive justice. "Critical Conceptions: Technologies, Justice, and the Global Reproduction Market" considers what kinds of reproductive technologies are deployed by and for whom, and locates individual decisions and choices within a global political economy that aggressively reproduces relations of inequality based on race, class, gender, sexuality and physical ability.

Read it here.

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