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NCRW Fact Sheet: Keeping the Doors of Opportunity Open--Women, Minorities and Affirmative Action

Women and girls have made enormous strides since passage of the Educational Amendments and Title IX. Recent cutbacks in funding or lack of funding coupled with anti-affirmative action ballot initiatives have placed these advancements in jeopardy. More efforts need to be focused on preventing erosion of these hard-won achievements.

Hilda Solis on the Anniversary of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

February 2, 2010 posted by admin

Friday was the one year anniversary of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Check out what Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis had to say:

The wage gap has significant consequences to the economic security of women and families. Today, families are increasingly dependent on women’s wages. In married couple families, wives’ earnings account for 36 percent of family income, and approximately 2 million women have now become the sole breadwinner, supporting families with just over one-third of the usual family income.

Read her entire statement here.

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Framing Feminism - Never Go Back: The Threat to Legalized Abortion by Lorraine Sheinberg

Painting a vivid picture of life before the Roe v. Wade decision, this documentary outline the impact of Supreme Court retirements posed to accessible, legal abortion in the U.S. during the George W. Bush presidency.

Narrated by Carrie Fisher
Produced and Directed by Lorraine Sheinberg

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