Engendering Justice: Women, Prisons and Change

In the last decade, we have witnessed the population of incarcerated women increase to 400 percent. Building on this development, Rebecca Haimowitz reflects on the interlinkage between incarceration and issues such as race, class, education, national identity, and gender conformity. 

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2010 - Seven Who Rewrite the Rules


Monday, January 4, 2010

Profiles of seven outstanding leaders dedicated to improving women's lives: Michael Dowd, Patricia Gruber, Ilene Lang, Ana Langer, Tonya Lewis Lee, Sarwat Malik and Maria Do Socorro Melo Brandao.


Michael G. Dowd, Defender of Women with Charges

Michael G. Dowd

Reinvesting in Women and Families: Developing an Economy for the Future (Summit October 2010)

Economic Security Summit
October 8, 2010

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Reinforcing Differences: College and the Gender Gap

Reinforcing Differences: College and the Gender Gap, a book in progress by Linda J. Sax analyzes the impact of college experiences separately for male and female students.


Publication: WREI has just released the new sixth edition (2008) of Women in the Military: Where They Stand

Publication: WREI has just released the new sixth edition (2008) of Women in the Military: Where They Stand," which includes information on active duty, reserve and Guard forces and on women veterans as well as updated statistics and a chronology of important policy and legislative milestones. WREI has worked in various coalitions to promote and protect Title IX. The center director has spoken at various women's studies departments in universities across the country and to women's groups during the summer Olympics on the 35th anniversary of Title IX.


NWLC Media Toolkit

The fight for progressive health care reform is currently at a crossroads of major consequence at both the state and national levels, and addressing the barriers to women's health care access is more important than ever before. In order to ensure that women are active and vocal advocates in this fight, the National Women's Law Center has launched Reform Matters: Making Real Progress for Women and Health Care.

NWLC's efforts include: a Reform Matters Toolkit, a Reform Matters Conference Call Series, technical and informational assistance, the National Women and Health Care Coalition, and Health Care for America Now. http://nwlc.org/reformmatters/about.html September, 2009


NWLC Issue Brief: Women and Health Coverage: A Framework for Moving Forward 2007


NWLC Issue Brief: “Women and Health Coverage: The Affordability Gap”


Fact Sheet: “A Call to Action, A Pay Equity Resource Guide.” Kacie Kelly, June 2008

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