Women's Networks

Breaking through the glass ceiling is greatly facilitated when women help other women gain entrance and momentum through the career pipeline. Formal and informal networks are critical for paving the way. NCRW’s Corporate Circle fosters networking among corporate leaders to help them strategize, navigate career paths and develop leadership skills, as well as build new relationships and partnerships across companies and industries. NCRW’s Emerging Leaders Network is another initiative that is reinforcing relationships among young professionals. Our networks can be particularly useful across sectors bringing the latest data, trends and analysis to decision-makers and future leaders.

Sponsoring Women to Success

While mentoring is essential for leadership development, it is insufficient for advancing to top levels. Recent research has pointed to a more influential and specific professional relationship: sponsorship. Lately, organizations and the media have given sponsorship widespread attention, but questions abound.


Michigan Women's Leadership Index (WLI)

The Michigan Women's Leadership Index (WLI) is released biennially by Inforum Center for Leadership - the research and education arm of Inforum. The WLI is a data-based instrument used to measure the presence of women executives in the highest leadership positions of the top 100 publicly-held companies headquartered in Michigan (Index 100).

September 2011 Short Survey: Networking and Social Media Usage

W‐Biz Insight panelists participated in a very short survey this September 2011. They shared about their networking and social media usage. About one‐fourth of panelists reported that they attend a networking event at least once a week, while about one‐third attend an event one to three times a month. About 15% of panelists rarely or never attend networking events.

Seventy‐eight percent of all survey respondents use social media for their businesses, and 55.3% use social media at least once a week. The type of social media used most frequently is LinkedIn at 88.0%. This is followed closely by Facebook (75.2%), Twitter (59.0%), and a blog (44.4%). Among those women business owners who use social media at least once a week, 89.2% use LinkedIn, 83.1% use Facebook, and 71.1% use Twitter.
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