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Recruiting and retaining a work force that is diverse in gender, race and other markers of difference provides businesses and organizations with innovative ideas and a competitive edge. Diversity provides a significant advantage in competing for clients, customers and suppliers in today’s global marketplace. NCRW is supporting diversity efforts by recommending best practices for recruiting, retaining and advancing the careers of women, particularly women of color. This research extends to examining the benefits of diversity in leadership and how women’s participation improves decision-making. NCRW is helping companies to assess their workplace environments and identify barriers to inclusion: from practices, to policies, to the informal culture of organizations. NCRW’s Corporate Circle supports companies in their efforts to strengthen and advance policies that boost diversity and inclusion.

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Carol Hardy-Fanta is Director of the Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy at UMass Boston's John W. McCormack Graduate School of Policy Studies. She received her Ph.D. in Public Policy from Brandeis University's Heller School, an MSW from Smith College, and a B.A. from Occidental College. Dr. Hardy-Fanta is author of three books: Latina Politics, Latino Politics: Gender, Culture, and Political Participation in Boston (Temple University Press, 1993), Latino Politics in Massachusetts: Struggles, Strategies and Prospects (Routledge Press, 2002), and Intersectionality and Politics: Recent Research on Gender, Race, and Political Representation in the United States (Haworth Press, 2006) . She is a nationally recognized scholar on Latina/o politics and has published widely on the intersection of gender, race and ethnicity in politics and public policy.


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United States
42° 19' 0.3072" N, 71° 3' 31.2876" W

Women Are Business Risk-Takers Too, Study Says

LONDON, England (CNN) -- Even in an era in which gender equality within business corporations is an officially-acknowledged -- if by no means fully realized -- idea, it seems there are some supposed distinctions between the sexes which are still ok to make.
One of these involves risk: Female managers, goes the maxim still trotted out in many business schools, are less likely to bet the company on an audacious gamble, or stack millions against rec

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National Women’s Business Council

The Economic Impact of Women-Owned Businesses in the United States, October 2009
The Center for Women’s Business Research, with support from the National Women’s Business Council and Walmart, undertook a study to establish the economic impact of women-owned businesses on the U.S. economy. This study provides a clear picture of the value and impact of this segment to the economy and a roadmap for the future.


The Shriver Report: Executive Summary

For the first time in our nation’s history, women are half of all U.S. workers and mothers are the primary breadwinners or co-breadwinners in nearly two-thirds of American families. This is a dramatic shift from just a generation ago (in 1967 women made up only one-third of all workers).


She Works. They’re Happy.

EVER since Betty Friedan urged women to leave the house and pursue careers, people have argued over whether women’s marriages and romantic prospects would suffer for it. Was a financially successful woman a threat to her husband or a relief?


Resources: Business Schools Sweeten Lures for Women

Business schools are trying to boost stubbornly low rates of female enrollment. New York University's program, which has the highest proportion of women among co-ed programs, is only 40 percent female.


Organizations Engaged in Work Relevant to Women in the Financial Sector

85 Broads – www.85broads.com

100 Women in Hedge Funds – www.100womeninhedgefunds.org

Catalyst – www.catalyst.org

Center for Women’s Business Research – http://www.womensbusinessresearchcenter.org/

Corporate Circle of the National Council for Research on Women – www.regender.org/about/corpcirc.htm

Financial Women’s Association – www.fwa.org

The InterOrganization Network (ION) – http://www.ionwomen.org/

National Women’s Business Council – http://www.nwbc.gov/

Catalyst Recognizes Initiatives at Campbell Soup Company, Deloitte, Royal Bank of Canada, and Telstra with the 2010 Catalyst Award


NEW YORK (January 21, 2010) — Catalyst announces that initiatives from Campbell Soup Company, Deloitte LLP, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), and Telstra Corporation Limited are the recipients of the 2010 Catalyst Award, the annual award that honors exceptional initiatives from companies and firms that support and advance women in business. This year’s Award winners, representing a wide range of industries, cultures, and approaches, demonstrate the strong business case supporting women’s advancement to leadership.

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