Say NO to 'Let Her Die' Act!

By Linda Basch, PhD, President

Today, I'm urging everyone in our network to contact their Representatives to denounce HR 358 -- a catastrophic measure that puts women's lives in jeopardy. I'm writing from Claremont Graduate University where our Western Regional conference passed the following Resolution:

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WMC Exclusive: Documenting Late-Term Abortion

In case you missed, the Women's Media Center featured an excellent article on the forthcoming documentary on late-term abortion, Trust Women. Here's an excerpt to whet your reading appetite:

An unknown number of doctors across the country perform late abortions, but unlike most, Dr. LeRoy Carhart and Dr. Warren Hern do so publicly. Shane and Wilson hope to humanize the doctors—revealing more about their personal lives than Dr. Tiller ever made public—and to avoid propaganda. “You can judge for yourself,” said Wilson, “but if you get to know them for all their complications, what you basically see is that they’re fundamentally really good people.”

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