Women Send Their Messages to Obama-Biden, Loud and Clear

November 18, 2008 posted by Vivienne Heston-Demirel In the spirit of continuing to send messages to President-elect Obama and his transition team, we bring you this week’s round-up of links to campaigns from those in our wider network.  Amazing work going on out there.  If we’ve missed you, please let us know! The first issue of Ms. magazine in 2009 - which will hit newsstands just as President-elect Obama is sworn in – will feature the best of readers’ ideas for moving forward to make the change we need.  Enter yours by clicking here. The National Organization for Women asks everyone to “speak up NOW,” send a message to the Obama-Biden team, and tell them the issues at the top of your agenda for their administration.  They offer sample text in case you’re in need of ideas and offer the choice of sending your message by email or by print.  To send your message, click here. Check out the media coverage of these and other such campaigns, including The REAL Deal’s Transition Forum, over at Politico and IPS.com.  The Politico piece was picked up by a number of media venues, including Yahoo News.

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