The Women’s Media Center features The International Museum of Women

This is what the NCRW network is all about. Today, the Women’s Media Center featured an exclusive on the innovative approach of The International Museum of Women. NCRW is proud to call both these organizations member centers. Take a moment today to learn about their amazing work.

Here’s a teaser from the exclusive:

New strategies to engage and motivate people to action are hard to come by in this fast paced, sound byte, tweeting world of new media, but the International Museum of Women (IMOW) is definitely on to something. IMOW found a way to inspire global action using the arts as the entry point.
Launched in 1997-98, the museum went virtual in 2005. Envisioned as a “social change” museum, its presence provides creative space for art to build a bridge to activism. The exhibitions call viewers to action and connect people worldwide. An international focus and commitment to building community and amplifying women’s voices are palpable throughout the website.

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