Taxes Are STILL a Women's Issue

October 24, 2008 posted by Linda Basch


As TRD commentor Diane aptly noted in response to Cindy Hounsell's post, "One of the reasons women spend less time in the workforce is because they take time out for caretaking — their small children, or perhaps when parents become older and ill. Men — as a rule — don't take this time out for caretaking. Therefore, there should be caretaker credits in the system that women should be able to rely on as a form of pension."


We'd like to refer readers to a book we published in 2006, Taxes Are a Women's Issue, which demonstrates how so many aspects of the tax system disadvantage women because of the more interrupted nature of many women's careers, due to caretaking responsiblities.  The information in the book is particularly relevant right now, as we listen to the candidates lay out their tax plans.  Does either candidate consider tax policy through a gender lens?


Diane, you are spot on.

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