Solis and Ledbetter Talk Paycheck Fairness

Last week, Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis sat down with Lilly Ledbetter--the former Goodyear employee who stood up to pay discrimination, and won! (eventually).  The topic of discussion?  The Paycheck Fairness Act.  As Solis wrote in her blog post,

Like many women in today’s workplace, she was faced with a difficult choice. She could remain silent or she could speak up for herself, and in so doing speak out for countless other women across the nation who may have unknowingly faced a similar situation. I am grateful she had the courage to pursue the latter.

Organizations across the U.S. are asking women to follow Lilly's lead and stand up to paycheck UNfairness by contacting their representatives, urging them to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act.  To take action, visit one (or more) of these websites: 

To get you fired up (if you aren't already), here's the video of Solis and Ledbetter:

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This has been a good talk about tha Paycheck Fairness Act. Too bad this bill was killed by the Senate Republicans upon votation last November 19. If only it was passed, more women, including myself will be able to easily seek damages over pay discrimination. It just makes me sad that the Senate Democrats fell 2 votes short against the Reps. :(