Seven Days to Preserve the Internet

January 7, 2010 posted by admin

The Women's Media Center has an exclusive from Mary Alice Crim of Free Press on a campaign for net neutrality. Check out what she has to say about women's rights, utilizing the internet, and the FCC:

Net Neutrality doesn’t just affect my lofty ideals, my work and my family. Net Neutrality enables women’s groups to organize online and mobilize their constituencies effectively, and it is critical to ensuring that women will continue to have a voice online. Organizers I work with across the country can strategize, share information and build community using new media tools and social media networks. Passionate activists can speak out, sign petitions, contact their representatives and find useful information. And professional women use e-mail, Internet-based phone services and Web browsers to do business. Net Neutrality has revolutionized how we communicate by making tools for our empowerment available and putting us in control of our Internet experience.

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