SECRETARY OF STATE FORUM--Women Leaders from Media and Academia Salute HRC

December 2, 2008 posted by admin

“As Barack Obama introduced Hillary Clinton as his nominee for Secretary of State on Monday, the wish of many during the heated presidential primaries came true: that there would be an opportunity to use the immense skills of both to tackle the enormous problems we face. There is no question that both realize they are being handed the most delicate of assignments. With Clinton's history of working for the rights of women, we expect that she will fold into her portfolio the fate of the women of the world—those targeted by acid in Pakistan, rape in the Congo, and hunger everywhere. Until these issues of personal security are resolved, it is unlikely that so-called high-level treaties will hold.”

--Carol Jenkins, President, Women’s Media Center

"Given our global turmoil, Senator Clinton, if confirmed as Secretary of State, should focus on helping the Obama administration work as seamlessly and as effectively as possible while still encouraging a diversity of fresh, deep ideas. Doing so, she should show the inseparability of global political, economic, and cultural developments and activities. She has the experience, principles, and smarts to include women and girls at every point."

--Catharine R. Stimpson, Dean, New York University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences 

"Hillary Clinton is an absolutely great choice for Secretary of State. I believe she will do amazing things in her new position, chief among them will be to improve our standing in the international community and work to end the Iraq war. And who knows, 2016 is not that far off—maybe we'll all be chanting Run Hillary Run once more!"

--C. Nicole Mason, Executive Director of the Women of Color Policy Network, Wagner School of Public Service at New  York University    

"Hillary will make an outstanding Secretary of State. She is brilliant, energetic and pragmatic. I am glad that our foreign relations will be in such good hands and I hope she will be able to bring peace to the world."

--Lucie Lapovsky, Former President of Mercy College

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