Responding to Street Harassment, Hollaback! style

Hollaback! has been documenting street harassment for half a decade and is poised to take it to the next level: an iPhone app. Not familiar with this grassroots movement? Check out this PSA posted on Feministing yesterday:

The iPhone app would be a data collection tool, enabling women to systematically document the street harassment they face on a daily basis. Says May, the creator of Hollaback, "By using data to establish the case against street harassment, Hollaback!’s social change efforts will ultimately result in significant improvements in policy and a reduction in crimes against girls, women and LGBTQ individuals."  Talk about a new approach to research in action!

But here's the catch: to make this innovative dream an activist researcher's reality, Hollaback! must raise $8K before May 28th.  They're over halfway there but are looking to their supporters--old and new--to get them over this last hurdle. Click here to learn more and donate.


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