President's Spring Snapshot

Áine DugganThis spring, Re:Gender's endeavors not only weave together the various sectors, expertise and disciplines represented in our network, they highlight the connections and intersections between issues that require our collective thinking and work to solve.
Our national conference (co-hosted with Center for the Education of Women, University of Michigan) marked the launch of a Gender and Precarity Initiative that brings together research, policy and practice experts to illuminate and address the combination of elements that generates women's economic insecurity. The creation of a Girls Research Portal, in collaboration with the White House Council on Women and Girls and six partner organizations, facilitates tackling issues like STEM, leadership and sexualization of girls in the media to reframe our experiences from the beginning. Programming on multigenerational workforces connected our research, nonprofit and corporate partners to inspire possibilities related to generational intersections and leadership. And, the inaugural presentation of the Mariam K. Chamberlain Dissertation Award to remarkable team with a project on gender and state policies on immigration echoes the organization's current focus on our identity, economic well-being and environments.
We welcome your input and participation in our network and current initiatives and invite you to join via the multiple links provided below.

In this update:

New Initiative: Gender and Precarity

We are excited to announce our new multipart initiative focused on exploring economic security through the prism of gender.  Generously funded by the Ford Foundation and launched during our 2014 conference, this two year project will address the combined impact of gender discrimination experienced via occupational segregation, workplace practices, sexual violence, immigration and housing.

Using a combination of Re:Gender's programmatic tools--annual summits and convening, primers and Gender Stat--we will draw our network into a wide-ranging exploration of research and action on specific issues as they relate to precarity. Our goals are to:

  • Strengthen other organizations' use of a gender lens to highlight issues that overlap to create economic instability for women
  • Facilitate shared understanding and resources across sectors and disciplines to inform the development of programs, policies, and public education campaigns

To join one of our year long cross-sector learning groups and explore the ways that you can link issues of gender and financial vulnerability in your work, please contact Gail Cooper at gcooper[at]


Precarious Lives: Gender Lens on Low-Wage Work Primer

On May 29, 2014, Re:Gender released Precarious Lives: Gender Lens on Low-Wage Work, a primer that uses the framework of precarity, a concept rarely used in a U.S. context, to investigate the constraints at work--on earnings, flexibility, predictability, benefits, availability--that leave workers' lives, especially women's, perpetually unstable.  An element of the organization's new gender and precarity initiative, this primer delves into aspects of economic policy and workplace and labor market conditions as they intersect with gender, race and class. It lays out five lynchpin areas important to establishing workers' economic stability (or instrumental in maintaining its security), namely: immigration, occupational segregation, sexual violence, workplace practices and conditions and affordable housing.

Re:Gender's primers are explainers that cover the history, underlying issues, controversies, policy implications and social impact of topics prominent in public conversation.

Precarious Lives: Gender Lens on Low-Wage Work

2014 Conference

Women and Economic Security: Changing Policy and Practice, Re:Gender's joint conference with the Center for the Education of Women at the University of Michigan, was held from May 14 to 16 at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  Re:Gender opened the conference with a daylong summit that launched our new gender and precarity initiative and featured panel discussions by researchers, policy thinkers and practitioners.

This three-day, interdisciplinary, multisector conference focused on identifying and combating barriers that women living in poverty face as they seek economic security and mobility, and drilled down on the precarity of low-wage workers. Different sectors were brought together to consider policy and practice changes that could assist women in poverty. Topics covered included cost of child care, pay inequity, paid leave, benefits, lack of basic needs--such as food, housing and transportation--and more. Presentations by experts in various areas led to breakout sessions and workshops in which recommendations were developed and later presented to policy makers and government officials for feedback. 

More information about the conference  

Mariam K. Chamberlain Dissertation Award Winning Team

During the 2014 Conference, the Mariam K. Chamberlain Dissertation Award was presented to the inaugural recipient team: Diana Y Salas Coronado and her advisor, Dr. Randy Albelda. Established through a generous $100,000 matching grant from the Ford Foundation, the award honors and extends the vision of the organization's first president, Dr. Mariam K. Chamberlain, and enables Re:Gender to continue Mariam's support of high-level scholarship.

Diana is a doctoral candidate and a Center for Social Policy research associate at the McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Her dissertation, "Gender and State-Level Immigrant Policies," focuses on gender, immigration and state policies.

View Diana's acceptance remarks 

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White House Research on Girls Conference and New Girls Research Portal

On April 28, Re:Gender participated in the first ever White House Research on Girls Conference. This event was a project of the White House Council on Women and Girls and was planned in collaboration with the Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford, the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, Girls Inc., Lean In, Girl Scouts, Re:Gender and the Wellesley Centers for Women--founding members of the Girls Research Coalition, which was launched at the conference.  Over 100 researchers, policy advocates, business leaders, members of the media and nonprofit executives participated in the conference with leading researchers presenting their work on girls and STEM, girls and leadership, and the sexualization of girls in the media.

During the conference the White House Council on Women and Girls announced the establishment of the Girls Research Portal, a clearinghouse for research on girls to be housed by Re:Gender. This portal will facilitate the sharing of existing research in accessible formats and provide opportunities to suggest topics for additional research.

We invite organizations to join the coalition, academics and researchers to share their work, and policy thinkers and practitioners to share research needs. To receive updated on the Coalition's work, please enter your email address here. For more information, please contact Gail Cooper at gcooper[at] or 212-785-7335, Ext. 201.

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Corporate Circle Meeting

"Working Across Generations: Challenges and Opportunities in the Multigenerational Workplace" was the topic of the May 21, 2014, Corporate Circle meeting led by Frances Kunreuther, Research Center for Leadership, NYU and Co-Director, Building Movement Project, Demos.

Each meeting is hosted by a Corporate Circle member. Re:Gender thanks Vandenberg & Feliu, LLP for hosting this meeting.

More about the Corporate Circle & how to join

New Literature Review: The Multigenerational Workforce

On May 28, 2014, Re:Gender released a literature review on the topic of multiple generations sharing the workplace. The annotated collection of recent research captures debated among scholars including whether comparing and contrasting workplace generations yields meaningful information about people and their work.

Literature Review: Multigenerational Workforce

2015 Awards Dinner

Save the date for Re:Gender's 2015 Awards Dinner! The event will be held at 583 Park Avenue on Monday, March 9, 2015. We look forward to sharing additional details.

We invite you to view the 2014 Awards Dinner photos, video, event details and digital journal. 

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