A Pill Alone Can Never Be "The Great Liberator" of Women's Lives

Sunny Daly, Corporate and Foundation Relations Manager at the Ms. Foundation for Women and author of Changing Images of the Birth Control Pill: 1960-1973 has a great post up on the 50th Anniversary of the birth control pill.  Says Daly,

"we would do well to remember that a pill alone can never be "the great liberator" of women's lives. Though its development was a revolutionary step in the right direction, research shows that education -- about sex, sexuality, and the choices we all make in relation to the two -- remains the key to securing the reproductive health of women and girls in this nation and around the world -- not least of all, on the national front, in the aftermath of Bush's federally mandated abstinence-only curricula."

Click here to read this post, which discusses the awesome work of several Ms. Foundation grantees across the U.S.


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