N.Y. Case Shows Lenient Treatment of Rapists

Women's eNews featured a commentary this week by one of NCRW's Amex Fellows.  Tunisia Riley is one of thirty-five young women chosen to participate in the Council's Building the Next Generation of Women Leaders in the Non-Profit Sector, a program sponsored by the American Express Foundation.  In the article for Women's eNews, Riley discusses the recent conviction of Tony Simmons, a juvenile justice counselor at Family Court in New York.  Simmons was convicted in New York of molesting two girls, but was acquitted of raping a third girl. As Riley writes,

Simmons could face a sentence of three years. However, that is still not long enough when you consider that he was a juvenile counselor paid by the state to protect those he serves, and instead Simmons raped one young woman in his charge, assaulted two others and admitted to similar attacks.

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