NEXT GENERATION FORUM--Looking Past the U.S. Borders in the Next Four Years

December 8, 2008 posted by admin

Kyla Bender-Baird: What message would you like to send to Hillary Clinton, our next likely Secretary of State?  

Emily Falk: You have your work cut out for you. The United States has received a less-than-stellar reputation world-wide for taking international action only when said action best serves the United States, at times regardless of the impact to civilians of other countries. As our next Secretary of State, I encourage you to recognize the inherent U.S.-centric lens that often accompanies thoughts and decisions made by those living in this country. You may be the United States Secretary of State, but don’t be fooled by your own title. Humanity does not adhere to borders or country lines. If you are to continue to be a great leader, you must look past the ‘United States’ in your title and balance what is best not only for those living in the United States, but for all people across the globe. --Emily Falk, Senior Associate, Brand Management Marketing, Catalyst This post is part of a forum

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