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December 5, 2008 posted by admin Michelle wakes up in the morning, takes a long satisfied stretch, and reaches for her blackberry resting on the nightstand. (Barack has already gotten the girls breakfast and taken them to school.) She’s got a lot of exciting issues to tackle today in her role as Partner-to-the-President: more family-friendly work policy, the reform and revitalization of public education, and the expansion of benefits and support for veterans and their families. Her calendar is chockfull of meetings with thought leaders and feminist politicians, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who she has come to consider a close friend and colleague and a group of community organizers—Adrienne Marie Brown, Majora Carter, Maria Teresa Petersen, Jehmu Greene etc.—that she is mentoring and bringing into the White House for personal meetings with the President and his team. An event reminder pops up on Michelle’s screen: “Healthcare Celebration Dinner.” She had almost forgotten! Tonight is the night that the cabinet is celebrating the ratification of her husband’s revolutionary healthcare plan. Michelle lies back on the pillow and closes her eyes, imagining all of the Americans who will have the care they need for the first time in years and a huge smile spreads across her face.

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