News Update: I-VAWA Moves Forward

Yesterday, we got some excting news from Women Thrive and the I-VAWA Coalition: The Senate Foreign Relations Committee (SFRC) passed the International Violence Against Women Act (IVAWA, S. 2982). Senator Kerry, one of I-VAWA's lead sponsors and chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee stated:

“Today, in passing the International Violence Against Women Act, the Committee spoke with a strong and decisive voice. This historic vote sends a powerful message to the world that the United States stands against violence against women and girls, anywhere and everywhere it occurs. This bill tells women and girls that that they are valued, respected members of society who do not have to suffer in silence. IVAWA will use U.S. assistance wisely, bring greater transparency, and improve coordination inside the government and with key stakeholders in civil society. But more importantly, we are saying that now is the time for us to gather the resources and political will to turn IVAWA’s promise into a reality for the millions of women and girls whose lives will be improved as a result of this critical legislation.”

Three cheers for the sponsors and advocates for all their hard work in making this happen! And now, onward.


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