NEW YEAR'S FORUM: Mixed Feelings on New Year's Eve

January 2, 2009 posted by Linda Basch The turn of a new year generally offers us a moment to reflect.  This year, with the U.S. economy in deep recession, a legacy of destructive policy-making winding down, and our leaders-elect working overtime to formulate revitalization plans, I find myself thinking not back but forward, feeling a mix of hope and fear.  As 2008 winds down, we’ve been asking leaders working to influence public debate to submit their New Year’s Resolution for the nation.   A Resolution might be a wish or a prayer – something one dreams of seeing fulfilled in 2009.  A Resolution might be something practical – a policy, a course of action, or a mode of behavior that one would like to see our nation adopt.  Or a Resolution might be fiercely personal – a commitment that one is making that has or could have impact for our nation.  We will post the New Year’s Resolutions we’ve been collecting early next week, to help usher in 2009.  In the meantime, please feel free to send us yours! (E-mail Kyla at  Next year at this time, we will look back on our shared list of Resolutions and take stock.  May the new year bring peace, health, prosperity, the return of leadership we can be proud of, and a solvent economy to all.



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