New Strategies for Leadership

May 11, 2009 posted by admin

One of the many dynamic panels to be featured at our upcoming annual conference , Igniting Change: Activating Alliances for Social Justice, will feature top scholars and activists taking apart the challenges of building pipelines of leadership for young girls and boys.  At the end of the session, we hope to offer new strategies for collaborating with youth as we discover new definitions of leadership and feminism. 

This panel, “Youth: Opportunities and Challenges for Building Pipelines for Leadership,” will feature Liz Abzug, co-founder of the Bella Abzug Leadership Institute; Kim Salmond of the Girls Scouts of USA; Supriya Pillai from the  International Women’s Health Coalition; Rosalina Diaz-Miranda, a professor at Medgar Evers; Sally Stevens from the Southwest Institute for Research on Women; and Ellen Silber of the Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service.

This year we’re trying something new. Thanks to the wonders of the blogosphere, we want to start engaging people now in these discussions. After all, the conference topics are too important to cover in just 90 minutes.  Therefore, we’re opening up the panels early.  This is your opportunity to start the dialogue.  What would you like these amazing panelists to address at the conference?  Please leave questions in the comments.

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Which advocacy or educational campaigns have been successful at encouraging young women and men to show leadership and why? (what are the keys to success: relevancy of issues, empowering decision-making, supportive roles of adults, autonomy of decision-making, etc). What are some examples of effective collaboration, for example, anti-violence campaigns or teen pregnancy awareness? What are some new trends and what are the latest issue areas that engage young people? (climate change, religion, cyber bullying, etc.)