Nelson Mandela: Leader, Activist, Visionary, Icon for Freedom and Justice


 Nelson Mandela
Leader, activist, visionary, icon for freedom and justice--Nelson Mandela, who spent his life championing equality, was all of these things and so much more. Although Mandela is most frequently associated with his fight for democracy and an end to apartheid, he was also an advocate for women's rights. Forbes' Maseena Ziegler writes:

"Madiba was our President when Women's Day - 9 August was declared a public holiday for our nation. In his words, 'This is in celebration of the struggles of the women over the decades and a rejuvenation of our commitment to strive for a society free of discrimination, more importantly discrimination against women.' President Mandela was acutely aware of the role women played in the home, in the struggle and in taking their place in shaping the future of our nation as mothers, leaders and spouses."

As we mourn his loss, we must remember that there is no better way to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela than to continue his work toward freedom, justice and equality for all.
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