News from the Network - April 29, 2013

Week of April 22, 2013
NCRW is pleased to announce two new additions to our team: Erica Acosta, Associate Director of Communications, and Gail Cooper, Vice President for Programs. Join us in welcoming Erica and Gail on our facebook page

NCRW is looking for research on mothers. If your member center has any research on mothers or parenting, send it to by May 3rd.

NCRW is currently renovating and updating its website.  We have disabled the administration access for Member Centers. If you would like to edit your Member Center page, please contact our Associate Director for Communications at We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

NCRW has released its most recent report, "The Challenge and the Charge: Strategies for Retaining and Advancing Women of Color." It features four exceptional women of color business leaders and explores the lessons learned by eight innovative companies that have developed strategies for promoting the advancement of women of color.

To read the full report, 
click here.

Member Center Events & Opportunities
Claremont Graduate University hosted a series of events in April exploring issues surrounding the Violence Against Women Act. On April 17th, producer, writer, and director Aishah Shahidah Simmons visited campus to show the film NO! The Rape Documentary, which shares stories of black women rape survivors who defy victimization. On April 25th, Professor Elizabeth Hillman from the University of California Hastings College discussed violence against women and LGBTQ persons in the military. 

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Check out the Clayman Institute for Gender Research's review of Sheryl Sandberg's inspirational talk at Stanford University this past month. Along with sharing her thoughts on closing the leadership ambition gap, encouraging nurturing men, and turning a moment into a movement, Sandberg urges that if we bring men and women together to form a community around gender issues, real change can be made. 

To watch clips from the talk, click here.

Ms. in the Classroom presents the workshop Teaching Women's Studies Online on June 8th. At this workshop, attendees will learn to adapt an existing course for online delivery, integrate best practices in online course design and feminist pedagogy, explore digital tools for developing interactive and multi-media teaching environments, and engage students with digital resources for the feminist classroom.

For more information on this workshop, 
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The Research Center for Leadership in Action at NYU Wagner is currently accepting applications for the 2013 IGNITE Fellowship for Women of Color in the Social Sector. The IGNITE Fellowship is a nine-month program that celebrates and cultivates the leadership skills of 35 mid-career women of color in nonprofits across the US. The fellowship kicks off in New York City with a leadership institute from August 1-6, and offers ongoing peer mentoring, coaching, and webinars through April 2014.

For more information on this fellowship, 
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The Wellesley Centers for Women concluded its spring lunchtime seminar series on April 25th with "Womanism, Feminism, and the Business of Moving Social and Ecological Change Forward," presented by Layli Maparyan, Ph.D., executive director of the Centers. The lunchtime seminar examined what womanism and feminism contributes to the process of increasing justice and well-being in the world for women and girls, their families and communities, and even the natural environment.

For more information on this seminar, 
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Reports & Publications
The New York Women's Foundation has recently released its report Economic Security and Well-Being Index for Women in New York City, funded by a grant from Citi Community Development. The report examines the intersections of health, safety, education, and economic circumstances in all 59 of the City's districts across all five boroughs. The report finds wide economic and health disparities among NYC's women even though these women live side by side. Other key findings of the report include that single mothers are among the most economically insecure, neighborhoods with higher rates of poverty and unemployment among women and girls are likely to have higher rates of crime and violence,and homelessness among elderly women is on the rise.

To read the full report, 
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The Women's Bureau of the U.S. Department of Labor has just released A Guide to Women's Equal Pay Rights to educate employees about their rights under the existing equal pay laws. The report also provides ways for women to seek help if they think they're experiencing compensation discrimination.

To read the full report, 
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Recommended Reading
The Woman Reader by Belinda JackIn The Woman Reader, Belinda Jack traces the denial of literacy to most women throughout history. Because reading leaves fewer traces than writing, Jack creates a gripping narrative of men's- and more rarely women's- writing and painting about women's reading. The history and attitudes toward women's reading, which runs alongside Jack's history of women's reading itself, covers an impressive geographical as well as chronological range. 

To read the full review of The Woman Reader by Wellesley Centers for Women's Review of Books, 
click here.

Other Upcoming Events & Opportunities
The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in the Media in partnership with Women and Girls Lead held an online screening of the documentary "Women Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines" on April 24th. Viewers were given the chance to chat live with the filmmaker, comic experts, and everyday superheroines featured in the documentary.

To RSVP for the screening on Facebook, click here.

The Babson Center for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership is currently taking applications for their Women Innovating NOW (WIN) innovation lab for women. The WIN Lab is a year-long, women-centered learning and development experience that empowers participants to "think big and be bold" as they embrace their entrepreneurial potential. For more information on WIN, click here.


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