Map It! The Global Status of Girls

Introducing the new, fully interactive method of feminist geographical mapping: online map tools! For years, feminist geographers such as Joni Seager have been instrumental in mapping the status of women around the globe.  These maps clearly portray women's economic security, health and well being, political representation, vulnerability to violence and much more through graphical representations.  Organizations such as the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Ipas, and SisterSong combined their resources to produce Mapping Our Rights, demonstrating the overlap of LGBT and reproductive justice.  And now we have the latest installment of this movement that geography=rights: Girls Discovered. From the website:

The welfare of adolescent girls is crucial in determining economic and social outcomes for countries today, and in the future. For girls to become healthy mothers, productive citizens and economic contributors, their unique needs must be seen and understood.

Yet today, adolescent girls are undercounted and so underserved. Counting them is the first step to increasing their visibility.

Girls Discovered takes that first step. As a comprehensive source of maps and data on the status of adolescent girls worldwide, Girls Discovered helps donors, policy makers and implementing agencies target their investments.

This one-stop shop for information on adolescent girls is sourced from organizations operating in the public interest, and is meant for researchers, practitioners, advocates, policy-makers and the public – anyone who seeks change for the world’s 600 million adolescent girls.

Check it out!


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