LGBT Activism: Past, Present, Future

May 13, 2009 posted by admin

With the legalization of same-sex marriage spreading like wildfire in the Northeast  and exciting progress on hate crime protections (legislation passed the House AND Angie Zapata got justice),  what better time to discuss the past, present, and future of LGBT activism? 

Join us in June at our conference for a vibrant panel on the historical memories, current challenges, and future of the LGBT movement.  The panel will feature 6 amazing movers and shakers in the queer world:

This is your opportunity to weigh in: what do YOU want these activists and academics to address at the conference?  Leave your questions in the comments.  Let’s get this timely and vital discussion started early!

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Speaking of past, present, and future: California Supreme Court upholds Prop 8. What's next?
What does "progress" mean on hate crime legislation necessarily mean? More legislation? What does it call for? What are the benefits, as well as the setbacks, of these types of legislation, or legislation at all? Here, I also mean same-sex marriage. What I mean is this: We as activists cannot believe that legislation and the law is the ultimate telos of humanity and human emancipation from oppressions, whatever they may be. Even though anti-discrimination is codified, it does not mean that when a transgender/lesbian/gay/woman/black/hispanic/asian/immigrant/muslim is fired their employer would say, "I am firing you because you are a transgender/lesbian/gay/woman/black/hispanic/asian/immigrant/muslim." Ultimately, although this "progress" may certainly be progress, we must also remember that the law and politics (in the American sense) is not a direct reflection of society. My question then: what else can we do? This is perhaps the time-old question of activism groups. Furthermore, perhaps we must also remember to straddle the line of action and curiosity very carefully. What are the ramifications of passing legislation? What are its normalizing effects and who does it leave out? Just thoughts. Train of thoughts really.