GIRLS FORUM: Young Obama Campaign Worker Wants Equal Opportunities to Pursue Her Dreams

Februrary 5, 2009 posted by admin Dear President Obama, I was one of the “super volunteers” for the Duluth, MN area throughout your campaign. I’ve always been interested in history, culture and politics, and I had the opportunity to attend JrNYLC (Junior National Young Leaders Conference) in Washington, DC. Working on your campaign was one of the most memorable experiences of my life! It has already led me to new political experiences because of the people I met campaigning. I recently attended “Camp Wellstone” to learn more about working effectively on political campaigns. One of my supervisors, Drew Sandquist, worked on your inauguration team. I really wanted to attend your inauguration.  I was unable to go, but I am saving my money so that I can take a political class for high school students at Georgetown University when I am old enough, in another year. I had the opportunity through my editorial work with “New Moon” magazine to lobby members of Congress in Washington, DC on behalf of girls’ issues. I am hoping that your administration will support girls in our country by assuring that we have adequate health insurance, good education, and equal opportunities so that we can pursue our dreams.  I am so very happy that you are our new president and I am honored to have worked on your campaign. I truly hope that I will have the opportunity to meet you some day. Ashley, age 14 This post is part of a forum

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