GIRLS FORUM: Twelve-year Old Calls for Better Educational Opportunities for Girls

February 5, 2009 posted by admin Dear Mr. Obama,   I realize that you have two daughters and you love them very much! I work on a magazine called New Moon Girls.  I am on the GEB or the Girls Editorial Board. Some issues that come to mind about girls to me are: Some girls don't or can't get the proper education because they can't get picked up by parents after school. If their parents can’t pick them up they can’t see math, health, social studies, or grammar teachers after school.  I think each school should have an after school program to help the kids who try to exceed but can't because parents or siblings don’t have the time or know what they are learning in order to help them. If they stay after school some volunteer bus drivers could help and drive the students home. This concern is really important to kids in my area who care about their grades and I hope you will help to solve this problem.   Thanks for listening (reading) to my problems when you have a lot on your plate being the president and all. So this really means a lot to me!   Thanks, Hannah, age 12 This post is part of a forum

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