Front and Center: Women in Science, Environment and Technology

May 18, 2009 posted by admin

Obama’s promotion of green energy and technology is well acknowledged, from his appointment of Steven Chu (described by NPR as a “scientist’s scientist”) as Secretary of Energy to his substantial investment in green technology via the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (according to the Center for American Progress, 11% of the stimulus funds will go towards green technology and energy independence).  But will these investments include the gender analysis necessary for real change?  The appointment of Lisa P. Jackson as head of the Environmental Protection Agency is one step but what comes next?

To delve into these complex issues, we have assembled a panel of experts to discuss women in science, environment and technology at NCRW’s Annual Conference: Chris Cuomo from the University of Georgia Institute for Women’s Studies; International Alliance of Women’s Soon-Young Yoon; Veronica Arreola from the Center for Research on Women and Gender at University of Illinois, Chicago; Women’s Environment and Development Organization’s Executive Director Xuan Nguyen; and Allannah Thomas from Helicon, Inc.

What would YOU like these panelists to discuss? Submit your questions/comments here and we will incorporate them into the panel in June.

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How can green jobs be leveraged to benefit women? Are women engineers and experts more interested in green technology than men -- i.e., is there a gender dimension or is this a trend that is gender neutral?