Foundations Investing in Women and Girls

Take a glance at the report Untapped Porential: European Foundation Funding for Women and Girls. Produced by the Foundation Center and Weisblatt associés, the report is the most comprehensive study to date on the philanthropic activities of European foundations. The study draws upon surveys, grants, and interview data to understand the range of foundational characteristics and interests, as well as their specific approaches to work related to women and girls.

Ninety percent of foundations, regardless of their present level of commitment, their size or location, expressed interest in at least a few issues related to women and girls. More than one-third of the foundations, or 37%, reported engaging in some grant making for women and girls.

The goal of the report is to stimulate more giving to women, girls, and women’s rights organizations, allowing them the power and resources needed to participate fully and equally in creating a peaceful, just and sustainable world.

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