FAST FACTS: Disturbing Poverty Disparities

January 23, 2009 posted by Kyla Bender-Baird A few weeks ago, I received a newsletter from the Institute on Community Integration .  The entire issue focused on employment and women with disabilities.  Given the Council's dedication to women and economic security, my interest was instantly peaked.  Check out these stats:

  • Roughly 21 million women (15.6% of all women) in the United States have a disability
  • People with disabilities, regardless of gender or race, are much less likely to have secure employment than people without disabilities
  • About 31% of women with a work limitation live in households below the poverty level, as compared to 26% of men with a work limitation

As our newly inaugurated administration moves forward to address our failing economy, let’s make sure they don’t overlook people with disabilities, especially women.

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