Does gender discrimination exist at Goldman Sachs?

NCRW Board Member Emerita Jacki Zehner--who was also once a partner at Goldman Sachs--weighed in on the Goldman Sachs bias suit currently underway on Bloomberg news.  In her piece, Zehner discusses her own personal experience working at Goldman as well as larger questions such as numbers and measuring bias. For instance, she talks about the report she spurred here at NCRW:

If these numbers are as good as it gets, though, what are the major reasons to explain the low percentages? 

I tried to answer this question by leading the funding of a research paper called “Women in Fund Management: A Roadmap to Critical Mass and Why It Matters,” published last year in partnership with the National Council for Research on Women. The 40-page report identifies the many barriers to women’s achievement in the financial industry, including gender discrimination.

More importantly it contains a set of solutions that, if acted upon, would increase the numbers dramatically.

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