Diversifying the Leadership: An Opportunity for Change

May 29, 2009 posted by admin

This year, we witnessed the first African American President sworn into office.  This week, we observed the nomination of a justice who may become the third woman and the first Hispanic to sit on highest court in the U.S.  As we experience these tremendous milestones, diversity becomes more and more relevant to our daily lives. June marks a year since NCRW’s six member centers and Ford Foundation grantees launched a research effort about diversity. The grantees strive to become models for creating access to leadership by women of color for other centers within the NCRW’s network.  Join us as we learn about the finding of their endeavors during our Annual Conference.

Speaking on “Diversifying the Leadership: NCRW Findings and Recommendations” are:

How far have we come in addressing the diversity issues? Can good practices in achieving diversity be replicated? Who are the owners of the diversity agenda? The recent announcement that the conservative Ted Olson will launch a federal legal challenge to Prop 8 in California imposes the question whether the usual suspects – liberals and minorities – are the only creators of this much-needed social change. Join the discussion early by posting your comments that will be addressed during the panel. We look forward to seeing you in June!

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