Did You Know? Health and Reproductive Rights Edition

May 20, 2009 posted by admin

Did you know that…

“In 2002, only 62% of sexually experienced female teens had received instruction about contraception before they first had sex, compared with 72% in 1995.” (from the Guttmacher Institute 


That over 23% of Latinas do not receive prenatal care in their first trimester? (from the National Latina Institute for Reprodutive Health)

How about…

That unsafe abortions account for 13% of maternal deaths around the world? (from the International  Women's Health Coalition)

All of these facts come care of organizations that will be represented at NCRW’s 2009 Annual Conference, Igniting Change: Activating Alliances for Social Justice. Experts from the diverse field of health and reproductive rights will gather on Thursday, June 11th to discuss the most pressing needs in women’s health, the opportunities and challenges with the new U.S. administration, and how to bridge divides with other movements to form strong (if unlikely) alliances.  These experts are: Adrienne Germain, International Women’s Health  Coalition;  Silvia Henriquez, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health; Loretta Ross, SisterSong; Sharon Camp, Guttmacher Institute; Wendy Chavkin, Heilbrunn Center for Population and Family Health, Columbia University; and Anika Rahman, Americans for UNFPA.   For more information on the conference (including how to register) click here.

In the meantime, this is your opportunity to weigh in on the discussion. We are opening up the panel early (after all, it’s never too soon to discuss how to improve women’s health).  What would you like to see addressed during the panel?  Leave your comments and questions here and they’ll be addressed during the panel.

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As a reproductive rights advocate, I am often faced with the question, "Don't you think you've won this battle already? Abortion is legal." What is your response to this type of question/comment and how do you define the current 'battle' over reproductive freedom in the United States and the world?