Calling All Repro Rights Bloggers

For all bloggers who take interest in repro rights, NCRW is happy to announce and support another of the National Women’s Law Center’s blog carnivals .This blog carnival  “Birth Control” We’ve Got you Covered” will be hosted July 21st, 2011, and is an exciting opportunity to create change for birth control and health care by convening the multiple voices of passionate bloggers. As you may know, in the upcoming months the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will decide on which preventive services will be covered without co-pay in new health insurance plans- and various women’s rights organizations are working hard to make sure birth control is included.

Why should birth control be included?
The NWLC explains, “Women need access to birth control to prevent unintended pregnancies, plan the timing and size of their families and to protect their health. Women know the preventive health benefits of birth control, but we also know the cost to stay on it throughout our childbearing years. Birth control can be expensive, and the high cost of birth control can affect whether women use it consistently.”
So, how can you blog to help the cause?
First, by signing up to participate in the NWLC “Birth Control: We’ve Got You Covered” Blog Carnival. Blog in support of the NWLC’s action campaign by posting why birth control should be included as a key preventive care service for women. The NWLC will feature a link to your blog, and the posts of other repro rights bloggers’, on the Blog Carnival Page.

As the NWLC announced in the action campaign “ It's time to move women's health forward, and for us to be able to say – we’ve got you covered.”

Interested in doing more to support the cause? Planned Parenthood also has launched an action campaign to include birth control in co- pay-free preventive services. Learn more about Planned Parenthood’s campaign and sign their petition here.

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