Building a Pipeline to Women’s Leadership

Female students have long surpassed their male peers in the rates at which they seek higher education. Yet across sectors, women’s representation in professional leadership roles has stalled at 15-17%. If women make up the majority of students earning Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees why are there so few women in top management positions? Further aggravating women’s uneven progress, the disparity is often most pronounced in the most lucrative fields, including STEM, economics and finance. 

These fields are near and dear to the NCRW network. The Council’s latest report, Women in Fund Management, demonstrates the importance of having women leaders in the financial services industry. Jacki Zehner, a long-time friend of the Council, maintains a blog, Purse Pundit, on “money, markets and changing the world.” The Council also delves into the research on where women stand in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in its Balancing the Equation report. Tunisia Riley, a frequent guest blogger on The Real Deal, is the web editor for the Feminist Press’ Under the Microscope, a blog connecting women and science.

In order to solve the persistent disparities in leadership, we must get to the root causes. The National Council for Research on Women has gathered a group of experts to tackle the why’s and how’s of improving women’s leadership at its Afternoon Program, Building a Pipeline to Women’s Leadership, Monday, February 28th. The panel of visionary leaders comes from the higher education and corporate arenas to explore the uneven progress women are facing in their academic and professional trajectories. These leaders are: Ed Gilligan, Vice Chairman of American Express; Annalisa Jenkins, SVP of Global Health at Bristol-Myers Squibb; and Ruth J. Simmons, President of Brown University.

Learn from these advocates for women’s leadership as they share their strategies for maximizing women’s potential through their academic and professional endeavors. This program will explore how to make change a reality.

For a sneak peak, listen to Dr. Ruth Simmons on the Tavis Smiley Show discussing changing leadership for women and the role of Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

For more information, including how to RSVP, click here. Note: this event is free and open the public but RSVP is required for security purposes.

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