Breitbart: Thuggery and Orwell Revisited

In an Orwellian twist, conservative "journalist" Andrew Breitbart used selective outtakes from an NAACP speech by Shirley Sharrod from the USDA (click here for full transcript), to imply that she was anti-white and should be branded a racist. Apart from the breathtaking dishonesty of this type of "journalism" what really rankles is the thuggery, and how pundits jump into the echo chamber of distortions, especially when they amplify a convenient theory (in this case, the much cherished by the Right  "reverse discrimination"). The triumphant Breibart, instead of backing down has now repositioned his efforts as an attack on the NAACP. As every schoolyard bully knows, attack is the best defense. May this be a lesson on the importance of fact-checking before succumbing to the onslaught of the next wave of outrage over some made-up narrative of transgression.

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