Blog Post Overturns Wrongful Termination

January 16, 2009 posted by Linda Basch I wanted to share with you an exciting victory that came across my desk during the holidays.  After bringing forward sexual harassment charges at Chili’s in August, a server named Rachel Spicuglia was fired two weeks before Christmas.   As a direct result of a quick and passionate response made by her sister, Rebekah Spicuglia,who wrote about the case on the Huffington Post and launched a petition, Brinker International re-hired Rachel. Read Rebekah’s powerful post here and the resulting victory here. We're so often reluctant to move forward with these kinds of individual efforts because we don't trust that our actions can make a difference. But we see from Rebekah’s example that if we remain true to our convictions and keep trying, our actions can lead to meaningful change.  In fact, this case of courage in the face of disfavorable odds is an important lesson that shows what true leadership is about.    Rebekah, you're an inspiration to so many of us -- you showed that following through with what we believe in really matters.

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