10 Reasons Why We Need Equal Pay

  1. Of the 5 best-paid executives at each of Standard & Poor's 500 Index companies, 198 or 8% were women; they earned on average 18% less than their male peers (Bloomberg, 2013)

  2. NCAA Division I-A head coaches for women's teams receive an average salary of $850,400; head coaches for men's teams average $1,783,100 (Women's Sports Foundation)

  3. In the most common occupation for women - secretary - women still make 82.8% of what male secretaries do (Institute for Women's Policy Research, 2013)

  4. Latina women are paid 89 percent of what Latino men are paid, but only 53 percent of white men’s pay. African-American women earn 89 percent of what African-American men are paid; compared to white men, they only make 64 percent (AAUW, 2014)

  5. Women with doctorate degrees earn 79% of what men make; women with Master’s degrees earn 74% of male Master’s degree holders, and women high school graduates who have not attended college earn 77% of their male counterparts (Catalyst, 2014)

  6. Female physician researchers were paid $13,000 less per year than their male counterparts, even after controlling for specialty, academic rank, leadership positions and other variables. (Jagsi et al., 2012)

  7. The gender pay gap differs by industry. The biggest gap in the U.S. is in the financial activities industry, with women getting paid 70.5 cents for every dollar men make. The smallest gap is in construction, with women earning 92.2 cents for every dollar men make. (Catalyst, 2014)

  8. Gender pay gap for union members (9.4 cents) is roughly half the size of pay gap among non-union workers (18.7 cents). (National Women's Law Center, 2014)

  9. States with higher than federal minimum wages have smaller gender pay gaps. States with a higher minimum wage (at or above $8) had an average pay gap that was 22% smaller than the states with a $7.25 minimum wage. (National Women's Law Center, 2014)

  10. Over her lifetime, a typical woman working full-time will lose $431,000 due to the gender pay gap. (White House, 2012)


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