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Annual Conference 2010

Posted on May 26, 2011 by Kyla Bender-Baird
Today is the culmination of the Nobel Women's Inititative's conference to end sexual violence in conflict.  And how appropriate--they are ending it with a day of action!  Love it.  Here is their call to action:Did you know that up 500,000 women were raped during the Rwandan genocide?Did you know that over 64,000 women were raped in Sierra Leone?Did you know that over 40,000 women were raped in Bosnia-Herzegovina?Did you know that thousands of women are raped every day in Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo?Enough is enough. Thursday is our international day of action against sexual violence in conflict.
Posted on May 23, 2011 by Kyla Bender-Baird
Today marks the beginning of the Nobel Women’s Initiative’s Conference on Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict. This three-day conference gathers over 100 women—including Nobel Laureates Jody Williams, Shirin Ebadi and Mairead Maguire—to discuss how to end sexual violence in conflict. According to this article on the conference’s approach,
Posted on September 23, 2010 by Kyla Bender-Baird
At the Opening Plenary of the Clinton Global Initiative conference this Tuesday, Mallika Dutt took the stage with former President Bill Clinton and issued a call to end violence against women and the spread of HIV/AIDS.  Mallika Dutt is the executive director of Breakthrough.  She kindly spoke at our joint conference with the U.S. National Committee for UNIFEM this June, presenting her latest campaign, Bell Bajao (Ring the Bell).
Posted on June 28, 2010 by Kyla Bender-Baird
Originally posted by Rylee Sommers-Flagan June 24, 2010 on EmoryWheel,com (Emory University's student newspaper)I’ve long been suspicious that editorialists and editorial boards, despite purporting to speak on behalf of their audiences, are not demographically representative of the larger population. These suspicions were confirmed for me last week in a workshop with a group called the OpEd Project.According to several studies, men dominate something called “thought leadership” in the United States. Specifically, male voices make up about 85 percent of those present in the national editorial conversation. They supply the perspective in opinion media, vastly outnumbering female representation in talk shows, expert interviews, and op-ed pieces across our country.
Posted on June 23, 2010 by Kyla Bender-Baird
By Chloe Angyal*As ethnic tension boils over into violence in Kyrgyzstan this week, rumors have begun to surface on the ground that amid the rioting, shooting and chaos, Kyrgyz women are being raped. Whether or not the rumor is true, the situation is all too familiar. When violence breaks out, women and girls, already vulnerable, are often among the first casualties, and the violence is often systematic, designed to demoralize their communities.
Posted on June 21, 2010 by Kyla Bender-Baird
By Rylee Sommers-Flanagan*NCRW put on its annual conference (June 11-12) in collaboration with the US National Committee for UNIFEM, bringing in the biggest brains and best leaders to discuss “Strategic Imperatives for Ending Violence against Women.” It’s probably best to confess right away that I am an intern with NCRW and can do no less than rave about even the most mundane tasks, like picking up the remnants of the media lunch—no, but really, I met a woman who had arrived late from Chicago and told me all about the trials and travails of advising the mayor, organizing committees and working with the less avid feminists in the world. She gave me her card. It’s a funny feeling being thrilled to have gotten stuck with the lunch dishes.
Posted on June 18, 2010 by Courtney Fiske
By Courtney A. Fiske*
Posted on June 04, 2010 by Kyla Bender-Baird
By Tunisia L. Riley*In light of public figures connected to domestic violence scandals in New York like White Plains Mayor, 2010 Puerto Rican Day Parade Godfather Osvaldo Rios, and Governor Patterson’s aide , the New York City chapter of the National Organization of Women (NOW-NYC) brought together a panel discussion to address the men behind domestic abuse.
Posted on May 24, 2010 by Kyla Bender-Baird
You're coming, aren't you?  Just two weeks left to register for the NCRW/USNC UNIFEM conference, Strategic Imperatives for Ending Violence against Women: Linkages to Education, Economic Security and Health. Click here to register TODAY! After all, you wouldn't want to miss Abby Disney (of Pray the Devil Back to Hell fame), Zainab Salbi (Founder of Women for Women International) and Nancy Dorsinville (Senior Policy Advisor for the Office of the UN Special Envoy to  Haiti) discussing violence against women in the global hot spots, now would you? These amazing human rights activists are coming together for the conference keynote panel to address policies in place that address the multiple linkages between the socio-economic and cultural standings of women and their connections to gender-based violence.
Posted on May 21, 2010 by Kyla Bender-Baird
Show solidarity and join our ‘Get Cross’ campaign! First, watch this powerful new PSA "Stop Rape Now", produced by UN Action Against Sexual Violence in Conflict, featuring UN Messenger of Peace Charlize Theron, UNIFEM Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman, Ex-Force Commander Major General Patrick Cammaert, Leymah Gbowee, and Dr. Denis Mukwege.
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