Bella Abzug's Legacy: Her Times, Her Work, and Women Like Her

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Women in Politics
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The Women’s Movement
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Bella and Her Projects
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Agents of Social Change Online Exhibit, the Sophia Smith Collection
Jewish Women’s Archive
  • Main Exhibit:
  • Bibliography:
  • Online exhibit on Abzug as part of the Archive’s “Women of Valor” series. Includes a biography of Abzug, a series of “stories” on different milestones in her life and career, multimedia components (photos, audio clips, and movie clips). See the exhibit’s extensive bibliography for a list of sources for further research.
National Women’s History Project
  • Main site:
  • Resource Center:
  • Online home of National Women’s History month. This website includes a resource center featuring information and activities for use by researchers, students, and teachers relating to the history of the women’s movement and its leaders.
Women in Congress
Women’s Leadership in American History
Women and Social Movements in the United States

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