Gender Stat

What story can numbers tell about the changing landscape of gender equity? Gender Stat starts the conversation by building a broad overview of statistics on gender and the specific issues that touch our lives every day. Each web-based section will look at a single topic annually to see how it reflects the gender gap across the U.S. population. It also explores forces that affect whether and how that gap expands or contracts, including governmental actions, specific policies, public perceptions, and cultural practices. When possible, it sets the issue within an international context to keep track of where gender equity is being practiced most effectively.

Gender Stat collects research findings from academic, policy, government, and NGO/NPO sources around the web in one place for an annual snapshot. It offers top-level statistics that link back to the primary sources for the data and analysis to ensure readers have the opportunity to explore the issues more deeply and to benefit from expert analysis and insight.

Topics Gender Stat will cover over the next year include occupational segregation, affordable housing, immigration and precarity.

Please share your resources for data and statistics related to these topics with Gail Cooper, Your participation will help to build Gender Stat into a comprehensive repository for gender data that is easy to access, connects to larger research endeavors, and is updated annually. 


Occupational Segregation by Sex

Affordable Housing



Wages and Benefits

Child Sexual Abuse

Sexual Violence, Work and Financial Precarity