Economic Security

In the midst of the current economic crisis—which is exacerbating previously existing disparities and inequalities in the United States—the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act offers an opportune moment to raise up public investment for all citizens and make inroads in gender equality.  Building on Re:Gender's commitment to initiatives that advance women’s economic well-being, this project aims to gain a better understanding of the impact of the Recovery Act on women and their families.  Additionally, the project examines the inequities in the initiative’s allocation of resources and ways to address any resulting disparities.  Research has shown that educating and advancing women has an exponential impact on family well-being. 

Re:Gender's Economic Recovery project assesses the extent to which the Recovery Act is adequately reaching low-income women and families, particularly families of color, and identifying key indicators that need to be examined to determine the Act’s potential and actual impact on women and girls.This collaborative project draws on the expertise of Re:gender’s network, bringing together members located in critical regions and/or doing work around the key economic indicators identified as critical. Combining this local expertise with a national perspective drawn from our broader network of experts, the project is utilizing quantitative and qualitative methods to gather relevant data.
Accurate, disaggregated data will allow us to contribute to the crafting of future economic policies that work for everyone.