NCRW Member Center Awards 2012


Application Deadline: December 2, 2011, 5:00 pm EST


The National Council for Research on Women invites you to nominate candidates for its annual Member Center Awards that honor excellence achieved in key areas of activity. These awards include: the Member Center Lifetime Achievement Award; the Advocacy Award; the Research and Scholarship Award; the Emerging Center Award; and the Diversity and Inclusion Award. 


All Member Centers of the National Council for Research on Women in good standing, including recently admitted Member Centers, are eligible to be nominated or may nominate their own center. Nominees for all awards must demonstrate attention and sensitivity to diversity. Awards will be announced in April 2012.

Past Awardees

·         The Association of American Colleges and Universities

·         Boise State University Gender Studies Program

·         The Center for American Women and Politics, Rutgers University

·         The Center for the Education of Women (CEW) at the University of Michigan

·         The Center for the Study of Women in Society at the University of Oregon

·         The Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy at University of Massachusetts Boston

·         The Consortium on Race, Gender and Ethnicity (CRGE) at University of Maryland, College Park

·         The Feminist Press at the City University of New York

·         The Girl Scout Research Institute

·         The Institute for Research on Women and Gender at Columbia University (IRWAG)

·         The Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR)

·         The International Center for Research on Women (ICRW)

·         Legal Momentum

·         The National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA)

·         Southwest Institute for Research on Women, University of Arizona

·         Tulane’s Newcomb College Center for Research on Women

·         The Wellesley Centers for Women at Wellesley College

·         The White House Project for their Vote, Run, Lead Campaign

·         The Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO)

·         Women’s Research Institute of Nevada



Member Center Lifetime Achievement Award: recognizes continuing innovative work and lasting impact on knowledge, research, policy, or action.


 For the Member Lifetime Achievement Award, the following should be addressed:

  • The date the Center was founded, its budget, and staff size.
  • A history of the Center’s work and impact over at least a 10-year period.
  • The Center’s impact on the campus, local, state, regional, national and/or global scene.
  • The Center’s efforts to build a more inclusive and diverse Center (e.g. Mentorship, advocacy or outreach).  Explicitly address the Center’s values surrounding diversity.
  • Impact and originality of the Center’s projects, campaigns, or research within its field of study or expertise.
  • Growth and/or development over the Center’s lifetime and the preceding calendar year.
  • The investment by staff, board, volunteers, and other stakeholders in the Center’s work or efforts.
  • The Center’s administrative and staffing structure, including a list of the Board of Trustees or Advisory Board members, with their affiliations.
  • The Center’s involvement or engagement in Council programs, events, governance, and activities.

Advocacy Award: recognizes an outstanding policy or programmatic initiative or advocacy campaign that builds on action-oriented research.  The award will go to a Member Center that has worked to alter the political landscape for women or influenced public policy outcomes at the local, state, national or global level. 

For the Advocacy Award, the following should be addressed:

  • A description of the policy, programmatic initiative, or advocacy campaign, and how it builds on action-oriented research.
  • The project’s impact on public policy or community transformation efforts.
  • Immediate and/or long-term impact on the lives of women and girls.
  • The project’s efforts to incorporate diverse communities and voices.
  • The Center’s dedication to mentorship by ensuring that the women affected by their advocacy campaign at the local, state, national or global level have in some way benefited from advice and support by Center staff.

Please note: The project must have been launched by December 2, 2011. 

Research and Scholarship Award: recognizes a Member Center for recent outstanding research and the production of knowledge built on theoretical perspectives that advance understanding of the experiences of women and/or girls in society.

For the Research and Scholarship Award, please address the following:

  • A statement of the problem or issue addressed, the theoretical perspective taken, and the conclusions reached.
  • The contribution of the study or research to understanding the experiences of women, and/or girls in society.
  • Impact and dissemination of research findings.
  • Role of the Center and/or the affiliated researchers/scholars.
  • Evidence that research has included a mentorship component.

Please attach article or report.

Emerging Center Award:  recognizes a Member Center that was established, joined the Council as a Member Center, or experienced a significant change in mission or growth within the last 5 years.  Accomplishments may include programs or products that have had significant impact on the lives of women and/or girls, innovative funding strategies, or new leadership directions.

For the Emerging Center Award, the following should be addressed:

  • The establishment of the Center, its decision to join the Council, and/or significant changes in mission, scale of outreach, budget, or staff – within the last five years.
  • The Center’s administrative, staffing, and leadership structure, including a list of the Board of Trustees or Advisory Board members, with their affiliations. 
  • Impact of the Center’s programs and/or products on the home institution and/or the larger community.
  • Impact of the Center’s programs and/or products on women and/or girls.
  • Effectiveness of the Center’s strategies for promoting diverse and inclusive programs and staff.
  • The Center’s commitment to effective mentorship between staff in executive positions and those in entry-level positions, thereby strengthening the foundation of the organization’s workplace dynamic.
  • The Center’s creativity in locating funding sources.

Diversity and Inclusion Award: recognizes a Member Center that has diversified its leadership, governance, administration and/or its program, policy, advocacy or research activities to incorporate people from under‑represented groups, including women of color; lesbians, bisexual women, and transgender people; and/or differently-abled women.  Particular consideration will be given to programs that address historic exclusions in the U.S. and/or that work across generation and class.

For the Diversity & Inclusion Award, the following should be addressed:

  • Statement about the Underrepresented Group(s) that the Center has focused on, including the reasons for designating them an underrepresented group in the context of the Center’s geography, mission, and/or factors of discrimination that remain in the society as a whole.
  • Extent to which the Center has been successful in incorporating diverse leaders in its program, advocacy, or research activities.
  • The Center’s ability to attract and engage diverse participants.
  • Impact of the Center’s diversity and inclusion work on the home institution and/or surrounding community.
  • Extent to which the Center’s diversity and inclusion strategies can be replicated by other centers in the Council’s network.
  • Sustainability of the Center’s innovative inclusion and diversity practices so that its work and staffing will continue to reflect the input and contributions of diverse women and girls.
  • The Center’s insistence upon the benefits of mentorship for under-represented women and girls, thereby establishing the pipeline for greater career opportunities in the future.


A Member Center or an affiliated individual must be nominated, and an application completed, to be considered for an award.  Nominations can be made by third parties or Member Centers can self-nominate.  Nominations must be received by the deadline of December 2, 2011.



The Council’s Board of Directors will make the final selection of awardees based on the recommendation of the Awards subcommittee of the Member Center Committee.  The Awards subcommittee is appointed by and reports to the Member Center Committee. It is comprised of current and former Directors of NCRW Member Centers, past award recipients, and at least one Council Board member.  Member Centers whose Directors sit on the Council’s Board are not eligible to receive an award.

All information submitted for consideration remains confidential to the Awards subcommittee, the Board and relevant support staff.

Award winners will receive a commemorative plaque and one registration fee waiver to attend an NCRW Conference in the year of the award.  Travel stipends may also be available, depending on funding.  Awardees are required to attend an NCRW national or regional Conference and to accept the award in person.

Please submit application and supporting documentation to: Member Center Awards Committee, National Council for Research on Women, 11 Hanover Square, 24th Floor, New York, NY 10005 or email:

For more information click here [ ] or contact Shyama Venkateswar, Ph.D, Director of Research and Programs:, tel: 212-785-7335 x 202


 Testimonials from Past Awardees

"We have received great recognition and congratulations from partners all over the world who recognize the importance of the NCRW Advocacy Award. It has reinforced the critical importance of the work we do linking women's/gender issues to environmental/sustainable development issues. The NCRW Advocacy Award led to media attention as well as recognition in an external evaluation. We would encourage all NCRW member centers to apply or nominate others." Monique Essed-Fernandes, Interim Executive Director, Women's Environment & Development Organization (Recipient of NCRW Advocacy Award 2010)

"As a result of the NCRW Emerging Center Award, the Boise State University Gender Studies Program received some much needed publicity at a time in which the program faced budget cuts due to the recession. This Award raises the visibility of recipients in the community, among peers, decision-makers, and resource allocators. It provides national recognition for research and scholarship that can be leveraged during budget negotiations, promotions, and competitive grant applications. Without a doubt, I would encourage others to apply." Lisa McClain, Director, Gender Studies Program, Boise State University (Recipient of NCRW Emerging Center Award 2010)